I remember wishing to be a pilot when I was a child
I remember thinking that God turned on a faucet in Heaven anytime it rained
I remember playing video games with my mom and sisters
I remember playing football with dad in our compound
I remember flying paper planes and kites
I remember playing cards with Oge, Prechie, Ada, Chinedu, and Ify
I remember reading books and watching news,
I remember reading and writing Igbo Language but found it difficult to speak it
I remember wondering why the sky was blue and the trees, green
I remember going hiking with Toma, Yves, and friends
I remember going to WildLife Park with Uncle Solo, Oge, Precious, Iroaga, and Mummy during Christmas
I remember catching flying termites (shinge) and frying ’em during rainy season
I remember putting cups outside the house so hail could fall inside so we could chew on the ice
I remember waking up to helium-filled baloons in the parlor another Christmas
I remember running from Block E to the University Computer Centre to continue gaming with IG, Fist, and Fanon
I remember dad teaching me how to type and cook
I remember Precious and I throwing my Nokia 3310 back and forth till it fell
I remember mom and I listening to rap songs and trying to follow the flow

Photo by Linh Nguyen on Unsplash

I remember Rhema Christian Academy
I remember Rantya High School
I remember YWAP and The Tribe
I remember New Life Assembly and God Life Assembly
I remember Aunty Iroaga and her amazing love always
I remember Mercy learning how to write the letter ‘A’ of the alphabet in KG
I remember Chimdito and Precious (making friends always)
I remember Princess and Nkechi always winning me in Scrabble
I remember Emma’s story of the dragon always
I remember Miracle’s promise of buying me a new trouser
And Marvelous crawling up and down the house
I remember Oge and I playing Super Contra and Sunset Riders on Sega
I remember playing Zippy Race and Galaxian X with Mum
I remember playing ludo, ayo, WHOT, and scrabble with Mom, Uncle Solo, Aunty Aga and anyone that card to join at Christmas
I remember going round Area C and taking in the fresh air
I remember dad’s advice and mom’s wise words
I remember Oge’s comforting instructions and Precious’ listening ear
I remember David and I playing FIFA and ‘our game of pride’
I remember Nenrot’s and Flo’s advice to try poetry
I remember Sunday’s, Binga’s, Stanley’s, and Manji’s guitar-learning instructions
I remember exchanging poems with Christy, Dami, and Flo
I remember NYSC, NCCF, Soba and Rural Rugged
I remember IG, Dare, and Femi (great guys)
I remember Percy, Shaks, Nosa (awesome Gees)
I remember Fist, Nenrot, David Oguche (friends for life)
I remember finding love and thanking God each day for it
I remember Grace’s hugs and warm words each day…
I remember these and a lot more of fond memoirs…
I remember them all…

(c) Chukwudi Isaac

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