Broken Soul (Finale)

[This short story is a sequel to The Door to World 7]

Part 1:

Part 2:

An Unsolved Plight

The memories we share with those we love should never be taken for granted, the lies, the surprises, the disappointments, the love and each deed we have done for every one of them is what was used to mould them into the person they are today, whether we see it or not.

There’s truly a time for everything in this world, not every enemy in life will remain that way forever for they too will see that their actions which were meant to bring you down only served to put you where you are today.

A broken soul can be pieced together, it just takes time.

Tethered Energy 

~ West Region of World 7 ~ 

I’ve wandered through this region for some time now, ever since this world was spilt into two by those creatures who named themselves as Unhavens. It’s clear that this world wants to keep us here, but I feel as though its crying for us to fix whatever is broken.

If that be the case, then were we destined to travel here? Pulled into a world bent on destroying one from inside out and erasing all their cherished memories then transforming them into what this world calls normality.

I made it to the edge of this region and found strings of energy being connected to what seemed like the other side of World 7, however there seemed to be no way of getting across not only that I could not see Silvia anywhere on the other side, which only fuelled my anxiety.

Suddenly, one of those Unhavens appeared from the abyss but it had a personality greatly different than the ones who spilt the world into two, this one spoke of a way to piece back this world together but it’s plan would only work with the cooperation of another working in tandem alongside with me.

“Silvia, I hope you are okay”

Untried Faith

~ East Region of World 7 ~

I’ve been tearing through this deserted forest stumbling into dead ends for hours now in search of my brother, but to my demise these Unhavens have swarm the area in hopes to find me and prevent the two of us from leaving this world, though I must say they are persistent but not the smartest of creatures so staying out there line of sight has been quiet a simple task.

However, one of them found me but it had a rather kind demeanour unlike the rest of them, as though it wanted to help me find a way out of this world.

The Unhaven brought me to this underground temple and spoke of restoring the door that was destroyed by the other Unhavens after I passed through it the first time, it then mentioned that Dante will be on the mirrored side of the temple and that the door can only be made whole again with two working in tandem with one another.

World of Desire

With Dante and I at both sides of the temple the Unhavens assisting us felt the other Unhavens approaching at a rapid pace, the two of them left the scene in hopes to stall the others but trembling that they may not be able to return to us, therefore they left us with a plead to rescue the Unhavens from their misery in the world that we call home.

At first this message was not clear but in this moment there was little time to think and therefore without any hesitation both Dante and I pulled down our cords and sounded the bells on both sides of the temple at the same time.

In a moment, we found ourselves back on Tail Beat Island with not a single trace of our grandfather in sight, it had been 3 years since I walked through the Archway into World 7 which we later found out that it is a world based on desire, lust and greed that slowly eats away every memory you once had connecting you to your home.

Once we made it home we found out that our grandfather blamed himself for letting me go on this perilous journey alone, but it was thanks to him that both my brother and I are back together and that this family was made whole.


One’s desire should never dictate the way we treat the people around us, love should be unconditional and not self seeking, it was my selfish desire to have my brother around me every moment of each day that brought us to that strange world, even though I knew that my brother was a pillar keeping this family standing tall through his sheer hard work as a firefighter.

A broken soul can be changed into something beautiful once all the pieces are put back together, some things in life may look sweet but are truly bitter, but we only know it when we are too far in.

Time truly can heal all wounds.

This concludes Broken Soul.

© Roderick Lukenge


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