I think a lot. I love it so much. It’s one of my best hobbies. Thinking. I think of weird and interesting things; such as, what if the colour, purple is actually green or what if 1 + 1 is actually equals 5. I guess it helps my mind get busy but who cares. I love ‘singing’ and my ‘head voice’ encourages me that I will win a Grammy so I go with da flo’.

I used to get bored every now and then before, but thank God I’m changing now. I still do get bored, maybe not as quickly as I used to and I found out that boredom is a gift. An amazing one at that. I believe when one is bored, it’s an avenue to be creative. Lemme give this short story. I had graduated from the University. While waiting for my NYSC (National Youth Service Commission – it’s mandatory for Nigerian graduates anyways), I developed my writing skills in poetry and one time in school, I was so bored and I started learning how to play the guitar. Okay those were 2 stories, not one. Any ways, I believe boredom is a gift.

I wish we all will be positive and/or optimistic in life but I doubt it will ever be so. I don’t like negative energy but whenever I encounter it, I tend to ask if I can change the vibe. But there is one thing I hate more than negative energy and that is people with no energy at all… it’s easier to convert the negative to a positive than the ‘just-meh-kinda-energy’ to a positive one. It’s more like commensalism while negative is parasitism and positive, mutualism (okay… I wanted to sound all bookish… those are feeding mechanisms and umm… I don’t like biology… I really dont)

Last and very important fact about me… I just recently found out that I am a math atheist. Yup. Guess we do exist. The irony is that I studied Engineering but who cares. I still hold onto my non-existential belief of mathematics.

Okay… Lastest one… Twas fun and amazing sharing this year with the Diana Kolawole Blog team. Y’all really amazing and to our esteemed and amazing readers. You guys are the best. We hope to continue with you guys next year.

Love you all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me


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