2019 with Dami

A decade is almost over and so much has been learnt within a year. The team has grown and God has been doing wonders through this platform.

For some, 2019 was their year and for others, it wasn’t that good. However we look at it, there are many lessons we’ve learnt this year. As this year is ending, I would like to share four things I’ve learnt this year.

Self love does not equal selfishness

I went along this self-love wave and realised that, I didn’t like the person I was becoming. I became extremely selfish and insensitive towards others. I made myself my first priority and neglected what mattered most to me.

What I learnt is, self-awareness is better. It doesn’t make me the be-all and end-all. It means that, I am conscious of how I am in an environment and how I interact with others. If I don’t like something, I should first change something within myself before blaming others.

Personal development is important

It’s so important to be teachable and to grow. I’ll give an example, you might have heard a song 10 times but, I am sure that each time you listen you pick something different about it. Some would research the artist and want to learn more about them. The interest doesn’t just end just like that, it continues. This is how we should be about ourselves and those around us.

I learnt that, just because I may be older than others doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t listen to them. They’ve shared their time with me, the least I can do is respect that and be present. It’s pride that robs us from learning and developing ourselves. We change everyday, every hour , every minute. Try and add value to yourself even if it’s having 10 minutes ‘me-time’ and study yourself.

Pride blinds and destroys friendships and partnerships

I learnt this a lot this year. Pride has ruined many friendships and if we think about it, pride is a false protection over one’s fear. It’s a facade for most. Unless your confidence is in God, all other things wont stand.

Honesty helped me in this area as I asked myself what exactly am I trying to protect? What am I insecure about that is making me be like this? Confidence is attractive but, Pride isn’t.

It’s best for us to break down our pride than for something to smash it down.

Friendship is not reflected in how long you’ve known someone.

Many are loyal to people they’ve known for years but, deep down they know they are only acquaintances and not friends.

I learnt a lot about this through Soar by Bishop TD Jakes. And he spoke about how, Jesus had disciples but he also had followers. But out of the 12 disciplines he only revealed himself to 3 of them.

Some friendships are like that, we have many ‘followers’ but the true friends are not up to 3 people or maybe 5. These are the ones that have proven themselves to us and love us unconditionally.

What I learnt is that, someone can walk into your life for a season but they’ll have the biggest impact in your life compared to another who you’ve known for 15 years but is only coasting.

Love Diana,


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