Blue Ink

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Turning the Page

Live enough to show them, live enough to outshine them, win the game that was clearly rigged from the start. Don’t let them steal the gift that was given to you; the only gem that will bring them to their knees. And so, dust your feet child and clear your mind, the stage awaits to see your beauty, so go on and give them a show.

The Motherless Child

My feet continue to move, I jump from place to place and do all that I am told yet left with nothing to show for it, I feel her breath continually brush down my shoulder; the expectations never seem to end….

My destiny has drastically changed.

Her melodramatic ways are well known along with her feet covered with proud ink as she struts to and fro wherever she would go, and as her daughter, I was brought up to be the same, but no amount of effort would please her, her respect was hard to gain.

I found more joy among the dolphins, they swim around so carefree allowing the wind to be their guide, while they go across the ocean cheerfully singing songs to one another, that’s who I wanted to be.

Even in times of prayer, my mind was at peace, despite her feet never settling in one place. Knowing so has caused my mind to grow tired and my soul to weaken, desperately begging for a way to escape from her stubby fingers.

A Stranger’s Journey

Each passing day I would walk towards Brittle Desert Bridge, a callous, grimy and a home for thieves, yet for me, it was the only site where I could picture myself feeling freedom in the wind and far away from my troubles.

While cleaning up the home, I discovered an old book belonging to my late father, he was known to search the unfathomable though he wasn’t in any way a voyager but just a common traveller who visited various places around the world, collecting rare ancient items along the way.

Be that as it may, it would seem he was not able to retrieve a golden gem known as Vista Meri belonging to an ancient queen named Kara, although my father only left the gem’s location and where he left off on his visitation.

I hid the book then chose to take on this journey but not to fulfil my father’s legacy but to find my own in a world built on expectation.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito… from Pixabay

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