After what seems to be the fastest January (in my opinion) in a long while, we are glad to be in February. Many people looked forward to 2020. It was (and still is) promising. However, the start of the year was not all that promising on a global scale with the US-Iran melee, the Ukrainian airline that was shot down, Corona virus endemic that is escalating (which we hope it stops soonest), the helicopter crash that took the life of Kobe and others, Boko Haram killings in Nigeria, etc. really crazy if you ask me.

However, some people have totally lost hope in the year. It’s totally understandable I guess. But if one loses hope, what is there to live for if you ask me. If we lose hope, who will gladden another? Right now, I know some people are grieving owing to one loss or the other and honestly I wish I have words sometimes to comfort you, however I don’t. I know one thing for sure though, IT WILL SURELY GET BETTER. I don’t know when or how but hey, just hang in there.

2020 is still young and a lot will still unfold. We trust it will be a great unveiling. We will keep on doling out posts that will entertain, educate, inform and most importantly, encourage you. We are with you in everything and we love you all!!!

Thank you for going through January with us, our dear esteemed readers. We would not have been able to reach here without you. You guys are the best. Join us once more as we journey through February. We trust it’s going to be a lovely month for everyone.

PS: Keep Hoping… Keep Loving… Keep Living

Chukwudi Isaac
For: The DianaKolawole Blog

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