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Endless Possibilities

Not every opportunity is a blessed moment, striving to reach a goal that is clearly purposed for another is a fool’s game. 

Classically, the people of Talon City have not changed one bit, I grew up here and learnt a few things since my parents weren’t ever around, it was in this city that I fell in love with music to begin with.

My story can be considered a bit of an upset, so I won’t bore you with all the details, I’m Cindy Colman a once excluded student who later became a well-known singer and songwriter in my hometown, though lately I’ve had this strange feeling deep down wanting more from life.

I’ve been teased over and over with lacklustre opportunities only able to put money in my pocket but not truly provide the excitement I’m looking for, this city sure knows how to host a party but crumbles to the idea of giving us young folk a chance to be in the limelight.

You see I’ve always had it rough growing up and seeing Jessica page at school and now jogging around in my neighbourhood and always getting the attention everywhere she goes really rubs me the wrong way. And yeah sure my music career has gotten me a few claps here and there, but it was in no way the same compared to her…

I guess you can’t force your way on a stage meant for someone else.

~ Dig Bucket Music Store (Downtown), Monday Evening ~

The music store down the road is jam packed with my favourite records, I’ve had my eyes set on Grime Steel music for years now and I’m always pumped to Grime up my room with new tunes.

To my dismay the store didn’t have the latest record from the band and before I could get a chance to throw a fit the strange dude at the counter gave me this weird sticky stone, I believe he called it a lucky charm.

I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time and simply threw to the corner of my room and proceeded to bury my head in my pillow stuck in my world of boredom.

~ Long Bone Street (Downtown) Monday Midnight ~

Tossing around in my bed as usual then fixing my eyes to the ceiling when suddenly from the corner of my eye an odd green glow emanates ultimately sparking my attention dragging me away from the comfort of my bed to investigate.

The stone from the strange dude at the music store gave me continued to glow while still in my hand, from further inspection it seemed as though another universe lived inside of it, unexpectedly the stone glowed brighter and swiftly warped me away from my room and transporting my soul  into its universe.

My moment of excitement is about to begin.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Roanne Copin from Pixabay

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