Lumps [Chapter 1]

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Forest of Woes

If one could get a glimpse of the future then maybe this world would be different, yet even with such knowledge who’s to say that people would truly change and uncover the masks they hold so tightly around their faces.

Knots & Crosses

“Trash will always be seen as trash, even if it proves itself to be treasure” Words I’ve heard over and over again ever since I was birthed from the Great Iota Tree, I’m the dew of the forest no one welcomes into their homes.

It was a quick decision by the Great Iota Tree  to give me over to the Mowe family, a home seen by the village to be one of the most honourable and caring yet from my own experience they treated me as an outcast and comparing me to that of a Plump

The Great Iota Tree has been around since the beginning of time, governing the forest and giving us the fruits we need to survive, however, after many years of peace a vile race rose up called the Plumps who sought after the core of the Great Iota Tree known as the Rift Stone for many decades., though they were always seen to be the weaker race and regarded to be nothing but worthless.

It didn’t take long till the whole village got word that I showed Plump like seeds despite being one of them, a Fairy has a better tale than a Pixie like me could ever have.

Power Beyond the Rift

I had many questions, ones that could only be answered by the Great Iota Tree. The conversation lasted longer than I anticipated, the Great Iota Tree went ahead to shed some light on who I could become; a seed birthed for the betterment of others.

Unsatisfied, I demanded to know more about my own existence, but I only received silence. Frustrated, I walked away with my head facing the ground but with a few steps away the Great Iota Tree spoke abruptly, informing me of a disturbance roaming around the forest and that the answer I seek lies solely on me following my heart.

The Great Clash

Shambles. It was all destroyed as if the wind itself had come against the village and everyone was down to their last breath. Luckily for me the one’s who had invaded didn’t notice my presence, leaving me to collect intel from the last villager to have enough breath to tell me to return to the Great Iota Tree and retrieve the Rift Stone before the Plumps claim it as their own.

Shortly after the villager passed on, sobbing could be heard from afar indicating that the Great Iota Tree had lost its core, known as the Rift Stone.

The Great Iota Tree spoke intensely on who the Plump King is and that the journey to his kingdom is far and wide beyond the harshest parts of the world, clearly it was up to me to reclaim the stone and hope to find who I truly am.

This concludes Chapter 1 of Lumps.


© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Efes Kitap from Pixabay

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