Lumps [Chapter 2]

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Three of Me

If you could silence the screams of hatred surrounding you, showing distaste for your very existence or shed light on the evil they have displayed every moment they get, would you be prepared to see what’s under their masks?

For every person in this world there are two lookalikes, each version of you is a reflection of who you truly are on the inside, two faces that no ordinary man can see with their naked eye.

Crossing the Line

As for me, the intentions by the Great Iota Tree were pure when choosing this place to be my home, yet it was burnt to the ground leaving only whispers of the hatred I once experienced, without offering me the joy I truly deserved.

~ Outskirts of Iota Forest~

“Your heart is the key to what you seek” were the final words bestowed upon me by the Great Iota Tree, these words sowed an unimaginable amount of mystery and discord within myself, yet the truth of the Plump King and the premeditated destruction he has in store for the world created an even darker reality than I once had.

Admittedly, walking beyond the forest’s boundaries felt like freedom from the words and actions that continued day after day and that the journey ahead was going to be the starting point to a new life.

The air here is so calm, the breeze brushed off the dirt that covered my face.

~ St Alma Village ~

With my heart telling me where to go, I ended up in a village close by, strangely the villagers stared intensely almost in disgust despite them never seeing me in this village prior to this moment. Though after overhearing I gathered they recognised my clothing and the insignia I cared on my chest signifying that I’m an Iota, clearly there’s conflict between them, a fight I want no part in.

A certain woman with overwhelming compassion with a deep desire to travel to the Iota Forest but was bound to remain here due to the strife between the Wiles and Iotas since long ago. The woman took a liking to me and introduced herself as Star Bume known to be the village’s armoury saleswoman, though many treated her harshly due to her overly priced goods yet they continue to be regulars at her store.

For Star her love for adventure is a driving force, giving her the strength to continue her business and disregard the negativity that may come her way, seeing this passion in her reminded me of when the Great Iota Tree gave me the drive to keep going and the will walk past the cruelty that flooded my life each day.

It was only natural to inform her of the journey I was told to go on regarding the retrieval of the Rift Stone and the heinous plan that the Plump King had in store. Hearing this, Star sprung up with joy and immediately took the offer to going along with me on this heart-rendering journey.

However, Star knew of the strict warnings given by the village king when it comes to leaving the village, as a result she offered me a nights stay at the inn and we made plans to head south into the wetlands towards Lolly Towers in the deep hours of the night.

This concludes Chapter 2 of Lumps.


© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Efes Kitap from Pixabay


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