Joy is…

If you believe the Gospel and all its remarkable claims about Jesus and what he has done for you and who you are in him, then nothing that happens in this world can actually get at your identity.

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Identity. Some find it in their accomplishments, family and even money. But can anything surpass all these things? Can anything satisfy us beyond these things? My answer is yes. Jesus can.

Insecurities like at attach themselves to us when we don’t focus our eyes on Jesus. Wondering how anyone could love us, or how we are not as happy as someone else. But what would you say if I told you,true joy in Jesus supersedes happiness.

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I’m talking about a man who came to this world, born of God and man to die for our sins. He came for the outcasts, the ones with drug addictions, pornography addiction and even the one who suffers from depression and anxiety. He came so that we can be free and live through him.

He was born in the most humble way possible and was bruised for our transgression so that, you could have eternal life. He came so that all that believe in him – as the Son of God would not die and perish in hell but, reign with him in heaven.

Joy comes from knowing who you are in Christ. Understanding what he has done for us. Nothing can take that away or seperate us from God’s love.

It’s by his mercies we are not consumed.

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Love Diana,


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