This week, we are talking about ourselves and I find it interesting. I feel we humans are versatile, hence the thought of us talking about ourselves feels restricting, sometimes except in a professional setting… I guess. However, I will try to say a thing or two about myself.
My name is Chukwudi (an Igbo by tribe from South Eastern Nigeria), I was born and bred in Jos, Plateau State (North Central Nigeria), I come from a close knit family and I’ve got the world’s best siblings in my 2 sisters.

I love hiking (growing up in Jos, I was part of a hiking group. I remember going to Shere Hills, Jarawa Hills, etc. the beautiful scenery, majestic hills, and the cool Jos breeze made such moments one of the best in my life).

I also love reading (a whole lottt… ranging from history books to mythologies, medical books to theology – just about almost everything apart from Horror and umm… Romantic books/novels).

I love writing (majorly poetry). Once in a while, I do write articles and short stories but poetry has got my heart anytime, anyday.

I love music (which drove me to learn how to play the guitar. I won’t say I am proficient but I guess I am a passable player though). My best musical genres (in no particular order) are:
1. Rock (soft, alternative, hard and once in a while, heavy metal)
2. Rap
3. RnB
4. Reggae (majorly Lucky Dube)
5. Pop (a bit)
6. Soul…
7. Oldies (Kool & The Gang, Bryant Adams, etc… coming down to Phil Collins which is one of my favourite artistes of all time).

I love photography (especially mobile photography). It makes me appreciate nature and all of God’s creation more. However, I do not necessarily like taking pictures (I keep on asking myself, am I smiling too little or too much? is the pose extra? abeg its stressful)

I love thinking (mostly creative thinking). I love seeing things from other angles and playing with ideas a whole lot in my head.

Art is another cool thing I love. I love going for art exhibitions and hearing the artist explain his art (mostly abstract anyways) and what it means.

I try watching movies every now and then… Phew, a bit hard to watch through a movie at once but I’ll keep on trying… Animations and cartoons got me though and by the way, I think Lion King, Tarzan, Prince of Egypt and Hercules got one of the best soundtracks.

I recently started loving hanging out a bit more before the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyways, when it passes, I hope I continue from where I stopped. Fun fact: hanging out is fun… sometimes…

I love my family. They mean the world to me.

Yup! I love my job also.

Guess that’s that about me that I can share for now…

Thank you for taking time to read about me. loool.

Have a great day!!!

(c) Chukwudi I.

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