Written by Cyprain Adukwu

Facebook: Cy Cy Adukwu

As a tool of judgement….

Please write this on a placard and put it somewhere visible in your room this period….

Revelations 12

Vs 11
NIV:They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.

Even if he slays us, Or he chooses to delay us…. Though we may faint…
But let the keeper of Isreal never ever let us go from his fold😭😭😭

My heart cry in this period. If our energy fail now, it means we have been weak…
And our Convictions and testimonies have been built on false ground.

Dear Christian,
Where is the joy of your salvation?
Where is your prayer armour?
Where is your sword of the spirit?.
There is no dialogue in this war that we are in.

Strengthen your convictions and testimonies…. Stand your ground. Testimony is a tool for salvation…(remember the Samarian woman at the well of sychar)…
Souls are dying… It’s God’s heartbeat for men to know him.

Testimony is worship… Psalm 100. Starve your fears, feed your faith with God’s word.

Testimony is an altar…..

It is the secret of multiplication Matt. 14:18…; 20. Finally in your spare time, brood on this word…..
God swore to a man who knew the power in testimony…
Psalm 89: 34-36

Closing prayer;
Lord, thank you for your word. Help us to serve you right no matter what.
Do not let us faint. Give us the spirit of prayer and hunger for your word… Provide for us, too.
Let us seek intimacy with your spirit above everything else…..

In Jesus’ Name


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