Today, 11th June, I celebrate someone very special – Mr. Chimezie Isaac. To everyone, he’s my dad; to me, he’s my dad, hero and friend. Being the only son, I did not have an elder brother to play with or do ‘guys’ stuff with. My dad filled the vacuum insomuch that I did and still do not feel it.

Every 11th June, I don’t just celebrate but recant memoirs that make me grateful to have him. He’s a great listener (dunno how he does it but it’s really amazing). I remember coming back from school when I was much younger and I’ll tell him how school was and all. He’ll smile, ask questions and we just talk about the day. I remember doing that for a long time and he always listened. Till date, no matter how silly something may sound, he’ll first of all, listen.

It’s 11th June and still on my dad’s special day and its funny we don’t have a pic together (note to self: will take at least one picture when next we see), smh. We both do not like pictures. Anyways, I am glad to have him as my father and friend. I remember one time in the University, I was filling a form for a Christian programme and there was a field that required we fill in our role model. The only person that could come to mind at that time and now is my dad. He has taught me a lot of things. One major thing that he did not just teach me but showed me in his life is this ‘a good name is the most important thing you should ever have‘; this has been my moral compass and I only pray that I can pass it on to my kids.

I look forward to being a husband and father like you (which will be very soon). I look forward to loving my wife same way and even the more way you love mummy and I look forward to taking care of my kids and being there for them the way you were and still are for Oge, Precious and I.

Love you.



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