Father’s Grace

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A father is known by his ways and principles.Others are known by the values they install into the children.

A father carries this unspeakable safety that evokes respect but also discipline. He can be less affectionate compared to a mother but, he loves in his own way. Most times it takes a while to show but, it’s always there.

Intentions tend to be good but, can be miscommunicated through ways and actions. But beneath it all, lies a great heart and a human just like you and I.

Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

Some are products of good examples, others are their own examples. Both take trial and error. This is where grace is needed.

Not every man is a father. And not every father is a good father.

I would like us to appreciate the men in our lives but especially those who have played a significant role in our lives. Let’s appreciate them more and give grace to their shortcomings and errors.

Happy Father’s day from the Dianakolawole.site team!

To all the good fathers out there, Happy Fathers’ day!

To my own father, Happy Fathers’ day Daddy, thank you for being a wonderful example and role model. I love you dearly.

Love Diana,


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