As I went out the other day
My thoughts started to stray
And then it dawned on me
The sun’s rising is still from the east
And it’s setting, west
But something seems like it knows me
Even though I think it’s oddly familiar
Ah! Yes! It’s still that cool weather
The sweet breeze my nostrils sift
That gently caresses my skin
Many say it’s similar to the oyinbo’s own
Not like I know though
The granite-built houses
Carved from the igneous rocks
I read about and was taught in school
Makes me wonder
How old has this land been
Atop mountains it sits
Creating a wonderful vista
Where birds serenades
And the leaves wave us
The wild jasmine’s fragrance fills the air
And the flax glides on the winds
It’s waters are said to be pure
From hilltops on high it gushes
Crystal clear
Who chlorinates it all day?
Giving it it’s reflective beauty
In your galleries and parks
Are historical treasuries
I hope education still takes place there
For it was in you I created a mental collage
Teeming images of what makes me appreciate my nationality

Photo Credit: Via Films

I remember when the market was indeed ‘Main’
Holding mummy’s hand
As we weaved through people, was fun
For there was something to buy
For me and everyone else
I recall and smile
But I look and hope
That from the ashes you will rise
And like a phoenix, rejuvenate
So my land, O land of my birth
I may not dwell here forever
But you dwell in my heart
For my children shall hear stories
Of your beauty
Your oyinbo weather
Your mountainous domicile
Your once-large market
Your people and language
O land, O land of my birth
May you sing songs of joy
Such that your people will once more, dance
And not a requim or threnody
May your name be heard
In near and yonder lands

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