Milo Tales (Chapter Two)

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Treading along…Laughing together…Intoxicating one another.

Twiddling your thumbs as you both dance in the rain, displaying little care to where the love birds go or why you trend so carelessly. It is clear to me that the whispers inside you have gone quiet and with it you’ve forsaken your guide, a true testament to how weak your soul has become while in search for the lover you have now entangled yourself to.

This transformation of yours is distasteful even to your own conscious, a mind you never thought you would adopt, a treacherous path you chose willingly with no clear way of returning.

Let those sweet whispers arise within you once again, the very ones that brought you up in a tender manner, the very one whom you have ignored for so long. Perhaps then youʼll find the love youʼre looking for and the peace you have tried to get a hold of deep within.

A heart caught in time will not learn to give love without restraint and the soul that is tied will never be able to see straight clearly nor make sense of where it is going. 

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by SeaReeds from Pixabay

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