Dear Lord, let me know
Am I like the king,
Who eats at the wrong time?
Not knowing what he ought to do?
Am I doing the right thing,
At the right time?
It seems I understand a bit of life,
Yet I’m not sure if I fully understand mine
Maybe it’s not in my place
But I’m human and want to know,
When, how, what, why and where
And even more if possible
But if I know it all, will I still trust You?

Or will I trust in my feeble strength?
Will I be just and live by faith?
Or be arrogant and think I know it all?
Dear God, help me to pull through
To understand the times and seasons
To know what to and what not to do
But above all, guide my path
So I wander not in the path of folly
Or get lost in the vanity of life
Or think I am strong enough
Or curse You with what You’ve given me
Help me know what to do
Every second… Every minute
Every hour… Everyday…

(c) Chukwudi I.

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