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It’s been an amazing time with you guys this July. Sadly, the corona virus is still very much around but through it all, we kinda found a way to pull through and adapt to the new changes being experienced. We also wish to commiserate with anyone of our readers who has lost someone due to the COVID-19 outbreak or one form of ailment or the other. We know it’s not easy and we are with you. We may not know of now but we surely know that it will surely be better.

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We are about stepping into August (fanfare, drum roll, trumpet blast) and we know it’s going to be an awesome month. The past 7 months has had its ups and downs but we keep on hoping, yeah? Yup! We keep on hoping. August is here, like a present that’s about to be opened, we pray for mostly ups than downs and we hope we all are going to have something positive to say amidst the whole crazy experiences.

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We, the DianaKolawole Blog Team intend to walk with you through August. We will be sharing our poems, articles and stories as we hope to be with you to make you enjoy every moment. We trust that you will not down this month but even if you get down, we will be there to make you feel better.While we open what August got for us all, we want to welcome everyone to AWESOME AUGUST. Have a great August and may all your wishes come through.

Love you.


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