Tree Trunk Trivia (Chapter One)

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A Salty Bet

Besting one another is a normality in the world that I live in, the thought of beating someone at their own game is a feeling can at times be indescribable.

As an introvert myself I’ve always found it difficult to compete with some of the guys in my class, I’m not the cool kid or the popular one, but many seem to know me as Player 2.

When a decision is put on the table, I’m the second to make a choice, when a selection of picking a team player I’m treated as the sidekick. But I’ve become quite accustomed to this position, I’ve made it my life goal to always be happy with whatever I am given.

Though every cheerful thinker does have their fair share of bullying to go through, and as a French kid, I’m mocked at every corner, my beret is never left in peace.

While walking back from school, I made a daily effort to walk through the forest close to my school to clear my mind from everyday opposition.

The forest felt different on Wednesday evenings as the leaves would shift from green to orange sometimes they could even change to lilac or pink, which would always help alter my mood and better my week.

However, this peaceful moment would meet its end as the guys from my class found my ‘hiding spot’, and since we weren’t in school they went to town with their words and actions, in the end, I was pegged up on a tree trunk, and if I wanted to get down, I had to accept a bet from one of the guys.

The bet was simple, though the end result may lead to place not desired, they wanted me to slide down the rarest and tallest open tree trunk in the forest.

This tree trunk has survived through many trials, and by many, it is rare to find and bears the name Whirl Stomp, a few adults have spread the rumour that the tree trunk leads to a mystical place but aren’t sure where.

I accept the bet and feel a great sense of regret as I climb branch to branch to the top as the guys watch from down below.

I breathe deeply right before sliding straight down into the Whirl Stomp, hoping for my soul to be taken before I hit a dead end, the guys below scatter in all directs the moment I slid down as it was clear they didn’t want to be held responsible for what may occur.

As I slid through I, felt a warm atmosphere, and before I knew it my reality was about to shift to a new beginning or better yet a fresh chapter of my life was about to unfold.

This concludes Chapter One of Tree Trunk Trivia.

© Roderick Lukenge


Photo by willsantt from Pexels

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