Melody Burst (Chapter One)

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Shake and Bake

Passion is necessary, it’s what brings us closer together, but it can also serve to divide us yet while doing all this our passion defines who we are on the inside, it’s what gets us up in the morning to do what we do.

Without each of our passions coming together, then this world would be dry and possibly not function the way it does today.

You see, passion to me is like a vibe or aura as some might say, I believe every soul on this planet has an irresistible rhythm to them, and that it only takes a little while for each person to find the right people to vibe alongside them.

As for myself, I found my rhythm in the bustling streets of Hydro Pump City that’s where I found a few brothers just jamming to the sound of jazz and of course I would join them as well.

I learnt everything there is to know about jazz from them, I even picked up a saxophone of my own, even though I was only fourteen at the time, I would always get into trouble by all the teachers at school and didn’t give it a second thought.

But like all people there is always someone out there who doesn’t like the passion or the vibe you got going, it’s like they find it repulsive and even reject the idea of ever loving the person you’ve now become.

For me, it was my father who never held thought to ever support my dream, he would always tell me to think of the family and how my choices will bring about ruin to our name.

Of course, I would always contemplate on what those meant and whether or not I should pursue the dream my father had drummed up for me or the dream I had stored up for all these years.

Clearly, my answer to this question was not going to be responded to right away, in fact, it was only till I choose to take a stroll through Retro Forest that I discovered a beautiful, alluring voice radiating through depths of the forest, a sound that I could not possibly stay away from.

Naturally, I chose to hunt down the harmonious tune, and to my amazement, I discovered the most eye-popping, classed up, chocolate sister I ever laid my eyes upon.

It felt like a dream or some type of fantasy, that can only be wrecked if I stumbled on my words…Which of course I did.

Selena is a punk rock artist who thrives on making it big with her voice alone, though despite her efforts many seem to kill her hopes by rejecting her everywhere she goes.

Though she never felt the weight of their rejection, she felt that there is a home for music lovers like ourselves to be.

Surprisingly, Selena had heard of rumours throughout her time being an artist of such a home, a place for start-up jammers to finally be recognised.

The thrill induced kid within me straight up jumped on board this home for artist train, which Selena took a liking and gladly decided to let me in on her search.

With us two smooth rockers in search for such paradise, we knew deep down that our place in this world was not so far away.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Jorge Guillen from Pixabay

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