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Hard to follow with a bipolar leader and also when dealing with past traumas of bad examples.

It’s hard to define as, some are seen as weak and mute. When really, submission takes great strength and wisdom.

The head can’t be controlled without the neck. One gives permission for the other. Each are equally important in other ways.

Maybe we should try and understand what makes a good leader. Maybe we should look at the examples in the bible and try and work on our own issues.

Everyone is imperfect except God. Let’s seek after wisdom and seek to serve than to be served. Seek to understand than to be understood.

If there’s one thing I know it’s that, the greatest leaders are the greatest servants. And that means, being humble and remaining humble.

God will help us to humble ourselves so he can lead us in his own perfect way. And every fear of loosing control will be gone. For everything is better in His hand.


Love Diana,


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