Tree Trunk Trivia (Chapter Two)

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Twirling Timber

Walking through the busy streets of what seemed inspired by video game culture, from the blocky shaped trees to the golden breakable walls and let’s not forget the scattered diamonds for extra points if one may need them.

It seemed like paradise for one who takes a liking to video games, but for someone like myself who’s been counted as a player 2, it didn’t spark any majorly profound love for the culture.

Naturally, the people of this small villa aren’t extroverts though they communicate via their headsets alone, by going off on an assumption I would think such technology allows them to keep their focus on whatever game they’re playing while also tagging others into cooperative play.

A Game of Trivia 

With everyone busy at their work, it became quite apparent that I stood out from among them, the further I went, the more I got strange looks with some odd comments here and there. 

Before long, someone approached me, as he felt inclined to let me know that I should head to the information desk to acquire my gear, so I may participate in the game.

The poor fellow named Fara Jules seemed to be living rough, as he had a torn-up black shirt, beaten up shoes and a hat that looked to have had better days.

Fara walked along with me to the help desk, and with that, I gained the gear I needed to finally fit in with the rest of the world. It was with his assistance that I learnt more about this Retro infused world, the game was simple to answer the trivia and make it to the end.

Sadly upon asking Fara what the end may bring, he relayed to me that not a single player has ever made it there, though some suspect whoever has made it never got the chance to tell the tale. 

Unfortunately for us, the trivia was randomised, and tragically for myself, they are based on physical performance, something I’m not too fond of at all.

Clearly, there will be fumbles here and there, with the added timer placed upon our headsets to add to the stress already present. But the journey must go on, if I am to find my way out of this world and back to my own, upward, and onward we go.

© Roderick Lukenge


Photo by willsantt from Pexels

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