I knock on heaven’s gates
I’m not playing knock knock games
My heart is dying sick
Therefore I came to the Savior quick
Can anybody hear me?
Is anyone listening?
For all I hear is an echo
So I ask, ‘is heaven hollow?’
Where are the angels and minstrels?
Who will take my prayers in golden censers?
But the day is not yet here
When Your anger will flare

After Your wrath has been poured
And all the earth, sore
For then there will be silence
For a moment in the heavens
But keep not silent, O God
For onto you have I come
Speak Lord and let me listen
So my path will shine and glisten
For it is only You that can help me
So Lord, hear my plea
And open heaven’s floodgates
Let it not be held back by bars
And may I hear heaven’s melody
As I approach Your Majesty

(c) Chukwudi I.

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