Voice of a broken soul

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To belong.

A need that many of us feel. We fill it up with noise, work, family and most importantly, validation.

A woman seeking

Validation shapes a lot of us in many different ways. But my question to you is, where do you seek your validation from?

Man will fail and funnily enough, we change our minds in minutes. We are imperfect and at times, we don’t control everything – especially people.

It’s easy to get distracted when the focus is unclear, but it moves us away from the target. What am I trying to say?

Let’s seek validation from the right people. And who else is better than God?

He’s unchangeable, sovereign and omnipotent. Let our value and ways match his ways.

Seasons come and go but, God’s divine purpose for creating you will not vanish away.

Part two pending…

Love Diana,


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