Tree Trunk Trivia (Chapter Three)

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The Boat of Dreams

Sailing on the river of Tenta Milon feels peaceful, almost like daydreaming for the first time or like flying a kite through a calming park.

As Fara guides, the boat to the first part of this game called the Legacy we pass through serpent gateways with signs informing the two of us hints to the upcoming obstacle, similarly like in most games that give you the answer before getting to the question ahead.

However, as we crossed Galley Island Fara became uneasy after detecting a few enemy targets up ahead with no way around them, as for myself I trembled knowing I had no unique abilities at all to offer in a situation like this.

It was clear we were on the verge of turning this makeshift boat around before we became our enemy’s dinner, but to our surprise, the enemy targets had vanished as though they had either fled the scene by our sheer presence on the horizon or someone elsewhere intervened on our behalf.

Surely enough, it became known to us that a being of some kind had its way with the targets, as we witnessed the enemies torn apart with nothing but their jet packs still intact.

The scene felt eerie, but to Fara, he saw no wrong and went on the analyse the space for clues to the next Trivia, while also finding any indication to what caused such a scene to occur.

The Beast On Tyr Island

As we took the time to search the island, we discovered even greater destruction throughout our path. It wasn’t too long until we ended up encountering this being.

Surprisingly it turned out to be a fierce lady with nails similar to a tigress, other than that she also had the same headgear as we did meaning she too was part of the game. At first, she seemed frightened by us but quickly warmed up to our presence.

The three of us exchanged information we gathered thus far, and with it, we decided to head to the other side of the island to finally solve the first Trivia of the game and get one step closer to end game.

© Roderick Lukenge


Photo by willsantt from Pexels

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