Through their eyes

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We get caught up in life through our lense to the extent, we become desensitised to the pain and need of others.

We forget that, those we help are our brothers and sisters. We may not be able to walk in their shoes but, we can help them walk in a better path.

No one should watch another suffer and do nothing. But, it’s easy for us to ignore the needs of others if it doesn’t include us.

Through their eyes, we will see the reality and also understand our own privileges. Those we take for granted while many hunger for it.

Through our eyes, we are limited – our hearts harden to the need to help.

Photo by Dio Hasbi Saniskoro on

No one is asking us to be a superhero. But we are meant to be examples that gives hope in the darkness and provide shelter to the lost.

We’ve been there ourselves – let’s help others up.

Love Diana,


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