Melody Burst (Chapter Three)

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October 29th was the day we chose to set out chasing our dream home. The year has flown by too fast it felt like it was only yesterday that we were celebrating Easter.

Though I would like to reminisce for hours, Selena didn’t want to waste a single minute in our pursuit in finding a ride to Calano Valley. It was our luck that our conversation last night was overheard by one of the bell boys, though he seemed rather intrigued and exclaimed it without shame.

This bell boy loves to play his piano after working hours, he noted every day his fingers would be itching to touch all eighty-eight keys throughout the day. He always seemed pretty tired, I suppose he played that bad boy all night long.

In his excitement, he lent the two of us some money for our ride and gave us an address to head over if we wanted to get down there fast. It was thanks to him that we got the first boat to Calano Valley.

We spent the last few days on the sea, and since I wasn’t a pro or anything the ocean made my stomach turn like nothing else ever did. Clearly, I wasn’t having a good time and wanted to get my feet back on dry land even if it meant I’d had to swim to get there.

On the fifth day, we finally made it to our destination, like a kid, I quickly booted myself off the boat while Selena took care of getting a ride back to our home location.

While we were there, we gathered more information on getting ourselves into this musical paradise, a few people informed us that the only way in is through the double doors on the other side of Serpents Trail, a lake no one dared to lay a boat on in the south-east end of the valley.

We were once again at a crossroad, it was either we swim for our dream home or perish trying, but we desperately needed a plan, or else this chase would’ve been a total waste of time.

Like before we took a break and chilled out in the cheapest hotel, we could find in one of the villages, and as we chose to do so, we got down to planning even though we had missed rocking out on our tools of play for quite some time now.

I can just feel this place we’ve been chasing is close by, I only hope we are welcomed into the family once we open that door.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Jorge Guillen from Pixabay

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