Ghost Letter (Chapter Two)

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Strife Like No Other

Your mind is like a ship sailing on the ocean to a destination unclear but driven through various channels tossed to and fro by differing thoughts and imaginations that may serve to pervert its path.

Thoughts can be linked with those you’ve chosen to be on your boat, some ride along to lend aid while others only do so for their own gain, without careful management these thoughts that were once good could quickly become evil and intoxicate your mind.

Nevertheless, the journey must be completed, whether it’s to a place of salvation or condemnation. A choice must be made before the ship sets sail or else the destination will always remain unclear and may fall when under pressure.

The waves at sea or the troubles of reality should only push the ship further toward the final destination.

As I sit here writing these things that remind me of the constant strife I had with my own as I tried to unite both the Ghouls and the others to one another.

I wish our collective minds were more robust, and the course we took was different maybe then we would’ve survived to see how the world is today.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

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