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I want to be heard
But my cords are hard,
Stuck deep in my heart
It hurts like a dart.
Rumblings deep inside,
Like waves by seaside
Feels like I’m drowning,
Like a boat sinking
Outwardly I ask ‘how can this be so’?
That there exists a war within my soul.
I try to find an expression for it-
I find out I’m now a ventriloquist
So I guess my words come out in actions;
Ranging from joy to pain to affection
Wish they could listen to my emotions
So I don’t go through the motions alone
So since no one can do this, I sit and ask
‘Who can quiet this noise and remove my mask’?
That was when You came and stirred within me
A quieting so quiet that I could hear me
The noise then faded away to the background
Cleared the scary thoughts that made my head hounded
Christ then drew me close to Him like a crayon
He carried me when I could not carry on
Then, He spoke so clear and still, I could hear Him
Soothing both my body and soul like cream
Now my words are rational and well-guided
The scales fell off my eyes, now I’m well-balanced
I’ll let Him do the talking, and I, the listening
So when I talk, His words would make my soul noises, silent…

(c) Chukwudi I

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