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The trees grow on the mountains without complaining
The clouds don’t roll while the birds are still flying
The sun rises up without burning the sky
The ground don’t while we are still walking, give way –
The rivers and streams do not drown the fishes
The oxygen we breathe in does not choke us
Why should we be intolerant of each other?
And sometimes deliberately hurt one another?
Nature coexist with itself mutually;
But we act like commensals and it makes us sick like palsy
Parasitism is now our lifestyle, as we are our own hosts
But this will keep us apart from each other like goal posts
But since every man is entitled with his own opinion
Let us make sure we don’t crown wrong decisions, coronation
Let us learn that in all we do, we differ
Therefore let it be only good we offer…

(c) Chukwudi I.

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