The Pink Sailor

The Captain and Governor of the southern region of Udon Island was once a treasure to us pirates who sailed the oceans for many decades. Each of us stored countless memories of said man while others could only hear the tales of what transpired long ago.

This so called captain took pleasure in taking gold wherever he would go, and no matter how tricky it may be, he’d always find a way to gain some gold in his worn out pockets every time he went out at sea, taking advantage of those around him to fulfil this selfish pleasure.

You see this here captain was known to be the pink sailor, innocent in the face but could tell a multitude of lies that you as unskillful as you are may take as be truths. Many sought for him but could never find him at sea, as he would never stay in one place for too long, despite his boat being this blazing hot pink that no other sailor would dare to ever ride on.

His carefree thievery lifestyle continued for many years but not without him gaining a few eyes on him, no matter how great one may portray themselves to be there is always a penalty for poor behaviour and this was a prime example.

Many don’t believe in karma, but this man surely did and so he chose to bury his goods each day believing his time would be up and hope that his descendants will find it and claim it as theirs, but to his own dismay no woman ever offered to bear his seed even after lying it in the soil.

His legend had ended, his treasure was rendered useless and his seed was never brought to light.

A tragic but well deserved end for such a dishonest pirate.

©️ Roderick Lukenge


Image by Beth Thomas from Pixabay 

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