Rejected but NOT Forsaken!

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How many have been through the job search wave because of Covid-19? Life is more uncertain, security is questioned and anxiety is on the high – so we think.

There’s been a general sigh of sadness and deep mellow mood across nations as the competition for jobs are at its highest. Many have had almost a thousand rejections with the common “Unfortunately” dotted left, right and centre.

With time, these rejections become a norm – one we shouldn’t accept. And the question we ask is ‘have I been forsaken?’

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My answer to you is … No. You haven’t. As difficult as it is, you are still seen by God and you have life therefore, you have hope.

The enemy wants our esteem to be shattered and for us to accept below what God has for us.

And even the scenarios that I’ve heard about have been ridiculous. Being rejected for unknown reasons and the cheek of companies asking for candidates with proficient communication when, they fail to communicate or give valid feedback to their candidates. Ironic right?

Anyway, I digress. My point is, you are not forsaken, if anything you now have an even better reason to invest in yourself and to work on improving your market value. It’s what you do with that rejection that counts.

Love Diana,


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