The Day of Eden: Birth of Creation (Chapter 1)

The Missing Orphan

Sky Reach orphanage is all I came to know while growing up in the bustling rough side of Clover Town, personally I’ve gotten used to it despite the few times I’ve had to defend myself on the way back from school.

However, on a downcast morning i noticed a crowd of people hurdling around one of the walls outside the orphanage as I was sweeping up on Nova Street.

After forcing my way through the herd I spotted the poster that was the cause to all the commotion. It seemed that one of kids at Sky Reach had gone missing a few months ago, but before I could get a good eye on it my care assistant Grace Amber caught me slacking off from work and dragged me back to Sky Reach.

Grace and I never saw eye to eye as I had a vision of being independent and wanting my own set of rules but like always she’d just scold me and send me on my way to my bedroom but not without giving me a scripture or two to let the lesson stick.

Sky Reach Orphanage ~ Night

That evening I chose to stay in bed looking at the only picture of my birth parents, while thinking of what could’ve been the sudden sound of trash cans clattering outside captured my attention and to my surprised I spotted 3 teenagers from Sky Reach trying to get away, perhaps they also got sick of being here too.

It didn’t take long till all the assistants noticed and a search party was called, though through all the commotion this was the perfect time for me to make my getaway and create the home I’ve always dreamed of.

Clearly it wasn’t going to be easy but with a small backpack packed to the brim and a flashlight I was on my way to freedom. The patrols were all the over the place once I made it downstairs, sneaking through the front wasn’t going to cut so I decided to go through the back door exit relatively quickly before being noticed by one of the assistances.

To be continued in chapter 1 part 2


Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay 

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