I did not intend to do it
Please I beg you, ‘do not judge me’
I wish my words will acquit me
But my will tends to betray it
There seems to be a lacuna
Something that just don’t fill the gap
That’s why I fell into the trap
My act was like a misnomer
Or an attempt to prettify
Now my conscience is the plaintiff
And my actions watch like a plain thief
I wish I could clarify
I wish I could just plead my case
And state how it all came to be
From my thoughts, will, actions, so see
I do have a question to raise
Do I really have free will?
If I’m a captive of my thoughts
I remember times my heart fought
But my thoughts did somehow prevail
And if my thoughts are behind bars
Does that mean that my will is free?
I will rather that should not be
They should both be kept together.

(c) Chukwudi I.

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