The Day of Eden: Birth of Creation (Chapter 1) Part 2

A Step Closer

My call to freedom was far from over, after leaving orphanage from the backdoor I had to come up with a way to traverse through Clover Town without getting caught by local police. My only guaranteed way was to hijack one of the patrols motorbikes and get to Ivy Forest just at the outskirts of town, lucky for me one of the patrols was careless enough to leave his keys in the cognition so it was as simple as hopping on and high tailing it out of here.

After sneaking past all the assistances in the area, I hopped on the bike and made my getaway, unfortunately not without alerting everyone around. It felt like one of those high speed police chases you see in movies, the bad guy doing his best to swivel his way out of the police’s clutches, with all twists and turns i could already feel the taste of finally getting what I wanted.

I managed to get out of town but had to cut ties with the motorbike and head onward on foot into Ivy Forest, search dogs were around now sniffing all over the place for me while the guards check every corner with their flashlights, all I could think about was finding a safe place to be till they get lost.

That’s when I spotted it, a cavern just beyond the bridge south west of Ivy Forest, the sign said its called Pariah Cavern I supposed someone out there named it that but I didn’t care much for it, so I entered fearlessly.

Pariah Cavern

Truth is I was terrified underneath all the boldness on the outside, the further I went onward the darker it became around me. Suddenly, an quake occurred causing a boulder to close the entrance locking me in here for good, no matter how much I tried the rocks wouldn’t budge sealing my fate.

It’s almost as though I was lured in here by some force of nature.

The crystals in here look stunning as I stare at one while crouched down in dismay, however, I wasn’t alone in here as footsteps crept about further in I chose to keep moving forward to find out who else is trapped here.

Soon enough I discovered some kind of camp site but along the way I heated a few growls amplifying with every turn I took, almost as though the creature was stalking me but I chose to ignore it and press on.

While searching through the camp site the creature pursing me leaped toward my direction in great fury to my surprise it was one of the rare Nova Lions (white fur and Emerald green eyes with yellow stripes along with Saber-like teeth) as it crept along ever so slowly, a voice radiated throughout the Cavern calling it’s name (Viola) and commanding it to standby.

The smartly dressed middle aged hunter equipped with bow and quiver and a Christian cross around his neck didn’t come alone, next to him was a teenage girl that looked familiar in some way.

But all I could think of was getting through this Cavern and into Renzo Village to finally fulfil my dream.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay 

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