The Day of Eden: Birth of Creation (Chapter 2)

A Lesson in the Garden

As the two came down from the upper platform the hunter who introduced himself to be Ace Chambers examines me while the older teenage girl named Catherine Angeline Rose went over to Viola (Nova Lion) to comfort her as she asked me a series of questions.

I casually told her my name and the orphanage I came from, which alarmed her in some way. Ace then asked me why I was out on my own.

“I want to fulfil my dream of independence and not live under someone else’s rules”

I boldly exclaimed.

Ace looked somewhat stuck in thought and a little puzzled after I had said that and wanted Catherine and I to head over to the waterfall to inform us of a little story.

As we got to the waterfall, on the walls were paintings capturing various stories noted in the bible, Catherine noted to me that Ace is known to be an ‘holy outcast’ around these parts, due to being exalted from his own land and his later conversion to the faith.

Just before I could question Catherine, Ace finally prepared himself to then tell the story of Creation known to be the very first story of the bible and like natural I sighed in boredom, while Catherine sat in excitement nudging me to get hyped up for a lesson.

Ace began the story with God’s spirit hovering about the waters of the Earth Genesis 1:2 and a voice calling for light to be present in the Earth Genesis 1:3 he then proceeding to tell about the many things that God called into existence on each day but I shortly interrupted and asked a nonchalantly and sarcastically presented question.

If everything was good then what caused things to turn out the way they are now?

Catherine quickly shushed me informing me that part was soon coming. Once Ace got to the seventh day, he then went on to talk about God wanting to create mankind Genesis 1:26

Catherine then suggests that she goes back to the camp site to cook up some food for the three of us, Ace then agrees that we all should take a moment to reflect on the story thus far and see the lessons we have learnt from it.

As you may already know I was puzzled as to what lessons could lie in such a story, Ace seeing this visible confusion then sat down next to me as Catherine left.

God took every moment to craft every single bit of life you see on this planet, even as you are now He took the time to create you to be perfectly in His own image and likeness, this world and your life is not a mistake or some accident, it was carefully and deliberately thought through with the intent of being good. Ace exclaimed as he looked over toward me.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay 

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