Why compare?

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Comparisons are the causes of so many things in our lives. Many of which don’t end well. It is either pride, insecurity or depression.

Comparison is when we take the distorted perception of ourselves and measure it against the ‘insta life’ of another person. And if you know anything about social media, you will know that it’s all about highlights and not everyone is being real.

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Being different shouldn’t be scary. Don’t compare your weakness to someone else’s strengths

But what I don’t understand is, why compare in the first place, as if what you’re doing is going to better you in any other way?

You’re just comparing a broken person with another one. Just one doesn’t see themselves the way God sees them.

But one thing I will advice is us to compare ourselves to, is Jesus.

As Joshua Eze would say, compare vertically and not horizontally.

The aim in any Christian’s life is to finish a good race (life) and reign with God in heaven. So, our focus should be on heavenly things.

The earth is our temporary home and God made us to be stewards of the things he’s created.

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Why should we compare ourselves to Jesus?

  • It will humbles you.

It will remind you that you are not that dope. You’re not all that and that he is the son of God and Son of man. Let’s not forget all the miracles he did during his years of ministry.

When you compare yourself vertically, you’ll remind yourself how you are powerless and how if it wasn’t for Jesus, all of us would have been condemned. Because of this, we need to be interdependent on God, Jesus and the Holy spirit.

  • It reminds us what we’ve obtained through his death.

Jesus overcame the grave and has given us grace, that we may enter the kingdom of God. Because of Jesus, we are able to claim more through the authority of Jesus Christ .

Because Jesus overcame the grave, we are able to have authority and power against the devil…

  • It empowers us

Have you ever seen those scenes when there’s a short nerdy kid and if he gets bullied, he’s protected by a bigger and stronger boy? That’s similar to what Jesus does. He protects us and helps us when we are hopeless and helpless.

When we compare ourselves to him, we are reminded that our strength lies in him. It lies in God’s word and also the blood of Jesus.

Love Diana,


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