The Day of Eden: 150 Days (Chapter One)

This is a tale about a youth who has strayed from the light. Simply put the path has become vague and erroneous, despite that beauty can be seen beyond the ashes, anyone in the world can reach the point of repentance, but not every life will know the truth to their error.

The Emergence of Immoral Choice

Dwelling among the worlds most astonishing and faithful are some who have chosen a life of depravity, delving farther into their sinister, twisted imaginations as they advance their walk on the earth.

Their indentations on this planet have invigorated many, particularly one birthed in the scanty, vibrant dawn-tinted Oran Village, causing havoc and confusion for those who have earned themselves a living amid the impoverished people. 

Only a select few lend their care for the child, knowing his ways are bent and disturbing, they work endlessly to steer him away from corruption but have bought into the idea that his too far gone. Nonetheless, while I rock my chair back and forth knitting the day away, I’m brought to remembrance of the child, believing adamantly that he will turn away from this life of sin. 

Like in the days of Noah, all forms of wickedness must meet its end one day, my only prayer is that this child sees the truth before the ship sets sail. 

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay 

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