Life is indeed fleeting
With its pains and gains; fleeing
So why hold onto things tightly
What you’re not sure you’ll see?
Alas! We are here now
And tomorrow we take a bow;
For life, they say is a stage
Or we can liken it to a page
Either way, a script is written
For that is indeed certain,
I have seen and wondered
How some get life and others drop dead
On the same day
Yesterday… Even today
So my question remains,
Why hold with restrain?
What you have and own?
For your life is not even your own
I’ll say live and let’s live
Have faith in God and in Him, believe;
On someone’s face, draw a smile
Join someone and go a mile
For everything is a chasing after the wind
Life is indeed fleeting…

(c) Chukwudi I.

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