There are moments that we wish will never come to an end; moments we wish to abide forever. Moments that make us want to stop the clock from going round and round. These are times when we wish we could chide the elements and declare that they are still where they are. We live and relive in such moments; giving nostalgia a home in our hearts – a domicile in our minds.

Those are moments that words cannot describe like the joy a mother feels after childbirth. Her tears of pain automatically wash down into tears of joy as her heartbeat and her child’s heartbeat resonate on the same frequency; when her baby cries out and mother does not see it as noise but that moment when a beautiful heavenly note synchronises with nature’s symphony.

These are moments with a loved one – the time spent with the person who gives an irregular pattern to the resonance felt within. These are moments when time is lost as eyes are locked onto each other and when sight speaks in languages that only two of them can understand. These are moments when emotions create a conduit whereby even though apart, their love is being felt as though something tangible.

Moments exist and yes, they do when we realise that there is something more; a reason behind everything, and that we are not effects of cosmic randomness which makes our hearts seek for purpose. There are moments when we wish we know why we exist and hence, we embark on a spiritual sojourn, and some return weary as their search is futile while others get lost in their spiritual search and some are guided by the Way, Truth, and Life they have found and thus gave their lives meaning and purpose.

Many live and many wish to live in the moment, the day, when by saying just two (2) words, they are joined together in blessed nuptials by a covenant. A seal. During that moment, mere words are not just echoed before God and men but before all creation stating an everlasting partnership through thick and thin. Many have also lived in that moment and regretted it. Some will choose not to experience such a moment, for they are of course being granted grace not to live in such a moment.

There are also special moments when we will need to sit down and listen to the aged; to those who have seen more suns and moons more than us. These are moments when much is asked and learned; when we can take a peek into the past and from there understand the present and then predict how the future will be. These are moments that the young should bask in. A moment to sit and listen.

There comes the moment. Dark. Like the shadows. Many dread this moment but it must beckon on all one day or the other and as each day passes, the moment closes upon us. The moment of death. To some, it comes after they have seen a few suns while for others, it visits them when they are full of age and grey hair but this final moment is inevitable. All other moments prepares us for this final moment whether we like it or not.
Finally, the moment of accountability will come. When we will stand before the Great White Throne and our moments before our last breath will be shown us, tried, and given a final judgment. This will be the moment when all men will be equal; when we will all know our final destination – our final resting place; our everlasting home for every moment of our days on earth is as but a tick of the second hand of the clock.
Be prepared for each moment…

(c) Chukwudi I.

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