Dedicated to Mr. Chimezie Isaac (my father, role model, friend)…

These are the words of my father
Of the one who gave me life
They have made me have no bother
And kept me time after time
For I have worn them round my neck
And locked them in my heart
Lest they fall and break
And I be a target of fiery darts

He sat me down and said:
My son, remember where you come from
For many, in search of bread
Have forgotten the path their home

On another instance, he told me:
My son, be careful of those you call friends
For in adversity, many will flee
So distinguish acquaintances from friends

Looking out the window, he said these:
Life is like a colour wheel, my son
It spins forth different shades
Sometimes dark gray; other times, bright ones

I remember when my father said:
My son, do not be a man of many words
Otherwise, much is said
And lies are spoken in the process

My father once told me these, he said:
My son, do not ever take the glory
For all you are and have comes from God
Instead be a pointer to His story

My father told me these words:
Be careful of strange women my son
Lest you be ensnared by her words
And lose all of you to a wicked woman

During our discourse, he told me:
Be faithful wherever you go
Let people testify; let them see
That your value is worth more than gold

Then my father also told me this:
Fear God and keep His commandments
For therein you will be blessed
And live life in abundance

I still remember when he said:
My son, be a man of integrity
Let your words be sturdy and solid
And your actions be full of honesty

Sometimes I sit and ponder
On the many words from my father
As I set sail on life’s waters
They have helped me see further…

(c) Chukwudi I.

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