The Day of Eden: 150 Days (Chapter Two)

The dry bones laid to waste throughout the village have now only been gathered. Yet, they carry with them a sign of new life, but before such a time could ever occur a death of sin must first arise.

The Tale of 40 Days

Oran Village has taken seen its days of turmoil, though, despite those moments, the people continue to live on as though their words and actions will not be judged someday.

It seems the poor boy has yet again fallen into another spiral of trouble, despite his shortcomings; I’ve chosen to take the poor boy under my wing. Strangely enough, he found my tales quite intriguing and often stopped several times to listen carefully, always putting his stubby fingers together and leaning in with a glimmering eye.

A sight like this has never been seen before.

While knitting yet another sweater for the boy, I took this hour to settle down with the child and tell him the tale of Noah’s Ark, hoping to sow a seed of change in the child’s life and possibly for this world as well. As his eyes widen with curiosity, I began to tell the tale of a man who followed God’s voice no matter the weather, and found favour in His eyes, despite being in a place filled to the brim of sin.

However, before I could go any further with my story, the boy was near the hour of slumber, and so this story will have to wait another time.


Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay

©️ Roderick Lukenge

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