The Day of Eden: 150 Days (Finale)

These clamouring winds calm the storm within this child’s heart, soundly sleeping and dreaming about the thrill of dashing himself in the grips of sin. Sitting with the boy once more on a cooling night, as he waits eagerly to hear the continuation of the story of 40 Days.

Judgement of Sin

The ones who lived in Noah’s time, they did all that pleased their bottomless desires, though they would hear the word of the Lord going about doing evil, they chose not to lend an ear to His sayings, resulting in discarding of the consequences that were ahead of them.

This path of disobedience is one that is unfair to the one who walks on it, though sin may feel pleasant it alone does not care for what happens to you, nor can it warn you of the judgement that is soon coming. The boy’s eyes begun to wonder as he pondered his own actions. Truth be told, his mind had never ventured to there but my heartfelt glee, knowing well that this truth had finally entered his heart.

The Gift of a Promise

Sin is always rendered with judgement, and so the Lord instructed Noah to build an Ark that only his loved ones and two pairs of each species could enter, leaving behind those who chose a life of disobedience, those who refused to turn from their evil ways.

A flood was brought upon the Earth, sweeping away all that was found evil, not one vile soul was left, and all that remained were those safe in the Ark.

After 40 days, Noah was aware that the flood had come to a close. Noah chose to bring an offering to the Lord to give thanks but then was told a promise for mankind to remember, that He will never bring about a flood to the Earth again to end sin, a sign of this promise is a rainbow that reveals itself across the heavens after a stormy day.

The Lord is truly just and true, He will never abandon His word. Indeed He is one whom we as mankind can put our faith into. My dear child opened his ears, perceiving these words and grasps the truth in the way in the path he has chosen, maybe now his heart has changed.

©️ Roderick Lukenge


Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay

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