The Day of Eden: A Thousand Miles (Chapter One)

Sanctuary Of Peace 

Breath out the calamity that builds up within the human soul unclench your hands and allow your fingers to move freely. Sense the calmness resounding in the air, hear the birds as they tell one another their tales of the day. 

My dear Delilah, why do you struggle to quieten your bitter emotions? You sit in the sanctuary all quiet and still yet inwardly you are at war with your enemies and hope to put an end to their path.

Out there in the courtyard, the ones you call friends are truly foul, they mock your complexion while holding you close, speak beautiful flatteries yet withhold their wrath till the perfect day. They can’t wait to offer you a taste of what they already have in life, a relationship with pleasure and satisfaction is all they can provide.

It is only the Lord that keeps you safe from harm, He alone knows the hearts of those closest to you. Don’t stray away, my dear child, guard your heart no matter where you go and remember all the teachings I have given you throughout the years.

A thousand miles is a long walk for one with a petite figure like yours, so keep your mind focused and emotions steady, then certainly in the day of conflict this teaching will give you the hope you sincerely need.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

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