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Let me tell you a story.

Imagine there’s a shop owner and you are a customer. You enter the shop and you see something you like. The owner tells “you to pick an item.”

You select something from the shelf and you’re about to pay. The shop owner then tells you, “you can have this item” but, there’s a condition. He will collect it back when you least expect it. As you leave the shop he tells you “please take good care of it as if its your own”. You agree and you leave.

The story I just shared is one between God and all of us. We forget that everything we have is a gift from God. It must be kept well and we must not allow pride or selfishness to take away God’s ownership over our life.

I’ve personally dealt with feeling entitled to certain things. Thinking it was out of my strength or power when, it isn’t. It was all God.

In the story, the shop owner displayed grace by allowing the customer to pick an item. The only condition that he gave was that, he’ll want it back someday. Isn’t the customer meant to cherish it?

If we could all cherish each day, each minute, maybe God would be glorified more?

Self reflection


1. What way have you taken ownership of something that isn’t yours?

2. Where do you see God’s grace in your life?

3. How can you cherish God’s gift better?

Love Diana,


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