Dear Chukwudi,

Dear Chukwudi,

I could write so many amazing and humbling things about you and still it wouldn’t capture all that fills my heart; like about how today is a special day but so is every day with you. Each day finding ways to outdo the other.
I guess I have to start somewhere. You are God’s deliberate handiwork, words can’t sum up the letters put together by God in writing you. His beautifully crafted poetry.

Every stroke, every move, every word promised was perfectly thought out to create a masterpiece. Your birthday is a reminder of God’s articulateness in mapping out your journey and how He’ll go the extra mile in gracing the road you traverse.
It’s also a day where the world got to see a beautiful facet of God’s amazing purpose find expression. Like every creative mind in the presence of a masterpiece, I am in awe.
It’s said that great gifts leave one speechless as they answer every need. You are more than a great gift, you have been the perfect soul to travel these few years with and hopefully more years.

My dear Chuks, you are God’s blessed story and timeless poetry; and like your ever present fan, I look forward to constantly screaming, praying and hyping you up from the front row like every great story deserves.
Today isn’t just your birthday, it’s a reminder of how God’s purpose finding expression looks like.
So I raise my virtual glass of my favorite drink (maltina and milk 🌚) to say cheers to a journey

Of ordered steps
Of beautiful beginnings
Of Gods’ stories

Happy Birthday Love …. May the best years keep coming


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