The Day of Eden: A Thousand Miles (Chapter Two)

Past Encounters

Trifling with bitter emotions does little for you little one, the clashing of intentions within you is clearly seen in the open, though you sit there quietly in your room. Internal sins don’t stay silent for long, deeds done in secret will be shown momentarily. Much like Moses, who openly exposed his rage, later was on the brink of paying for it but chose to flee his home soon after.

Dear child sitting with you has not been the same these last few years, I’ve felt your past and sense the unrest within your soul. Your struggling moments are only for a short time, let them not stop you from being who God created you to be. There is still hope for a change of direction, even Moses, who ran from his troubling past, struggled to take the call on his life but found fulfilment on a long road to promise.

Stay close to me, let your grief be mine as well, your search for peace can only be found in the arms of the Lord, so seek after Him.

©️ Roderick Lukenge


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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