It comes in different shapes and sizes and weirdly enough, from the strangest areas of life. Inspiration can derive from the lowest of times to the most confusing and absurd moments.

Beneath each one lies a chance to recreate something beautiful but at the same time, you can create something dangerous. Inspiration can look like a pest and an annoying idea that is hard to shake out of one’s head.

One thing I am certain of is that, not all of it is good but, it takes discernment to help filter the nonesense out of the valuable.

Photo by SplitShire on

For myself, I get inspired by people, events and sometimes, the weirdest things but, I get frustrated with how some of the ideas don’t go beyond my mind. I wonder if it is due to this sadness that Covid has caused making it difficult for many to dream big. I challenge all of us to move past that and to be daring and adventurous. Don’t let yourself hold you back!

And hopefully you will discover something great, awesome and innovative.

God bless you,


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