Making Time For More

At times we find ourselves caught up with the demands that life throws at us on a day to day basis; these planned or unprecedented events may even cause us to miss out on quality time with the Father. Today we discuss how we can enrich or make time to sit down, listen and talk to God every day.

Plan for It

Our time with the Lord must be planned and have deliberate intent to commit to a set time and place if we are to ever grow in fellowship with Him. In life, we plan for many things. Still, with each of these events, it becomes crucial that we strive to go after what the Lord would want us to pursue and set our focus on, it is through prayer that we learn the purpose, intent and love God has for us, but this can only come about by having an intentional plan to be with Him.

These moments should not become a burden for us; therefore, make time that best suits where you are in life right now, and if need be, pray about it or seek for little moments in your day to day to have time with the Father.

Focus on Development

Perhaps you are in a position at work and want to climb the ladder or have not landed on any solid ground in a while but believed you’d be somewhere by now. So this may have steered you away from prayer or minimised your time with the Lord, but let me shine a light of encouragement for you; adversity will always come our way to buffet us and build our character. Still, in our moments of spending time with God, we can combat and stand the trials and tribulations sent our way.

Eliminate Distractions

Tragically, we tend to feed the distractions that barrage our minds every moment rather than letting them go. Distractions are a test for us to personally know where our attention goes throughout the day and create ways to eliminate these hindrances to hear the Father more in our lives.

Take note of where your focus is throughout the day, and ask yourself if it has become a distraction or drifts you away from spending time with God; in doing so, you’ll be surprised how much time you truly have in the day.

© Roderick Lukenge aka Panda Tales


Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay 

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