Nostalgia is home
When the cool breeze
Caresses my skin;
When I can’t see
Through the haze
I remember a lot of things,
The whistling wind
The dried cactus down our street,
I remember the scent
Of the Queen of the Night tree
Within the compound
Whose petals opened at night
And closed during the day
I remember the Wildlife Park
And the amazing gallery there
I mentally walk through Old Zoo
Off Ahmadu Bello Way,
Holding Mum’s hands
I remember Oge and I
Playing Sunset Riders and Super Contra
And I remember Prechie and I
Running round the house
And jumping on the sofas
Saturday hikes were amazing
Touching the clouds
From the mountain
With Papa Yves and M. Dedouhet
I remember playing ayo and WHOT
With Mom and Aunt
Indeed, I miss these and many more
For life then without stress
Or so I thought
But as the years go by
I’ve learnt that,
Nostalgia is home
Especially when ’tis filled
With pleasant memories

(c) Chukwudi I.

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